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Uncovering the Love

Last summer I went to a local Wellness festival where they were offering Reiki. At this time in my life, self Love was still a new discovery of mine, and my mind was full of questions. These were constantly playing in my mind and would be to the tune of: Am I on the right path? What am I to learn from being in so much pain all the time? What lessons am I learning? Where do I have to go to find answers? These were on my mind as I went in for my first session and I am still contemplating on what happened next.

Reiki is a technique used for:

  • healing that is based off of the energy or life force within each of us
  • can be used as a tool to clarify those areas to restore the flow of energy when our negative thoughts and feelings get blocked in a certain area

Now, energy is not something that I grew up learning in class that was related to myself or my body, so the concept may be a little weird to grasp at first for most people. When I think of energy, I think of molecules, objects, and heat, not me!

Give it at try!

I have however have never been trained in the energy arts (yet) and have always been very aware of energy around me, myself and my surroundings. Having this intuition, Reiki was an easy concept for me to understand. If you’re wondering what you can do to experience energy within yourself, try this! Close your eyes and rub your hands together (really really fast!!) for a solid two minutes. If you can’t hang on for two minutes, try just one minute, or maybe thirty seconds. After your time is up, keep your hands close together, but apart from each other, and see if you notice any sensations. That is your energy.

As I was receiving my Reiki attunement, I was a little nervous and aware of these thoughts. What can I do? How am I going to get there? Where do I need to go? This sweet wise woman then gently, but sensing my tension, said to me, “Everything’s already alright, you already have everything inside of you that you need and that you are searching for.”

I was blown away.

How could I already have all of this? The answers to all of these questions seemed so far away from me, like I had to go find them somewhere. The concept of finding this healing with in me had never occurred to me.

When I think of energy, I think of molecules, objects, and heat, not me!

While I am still uncovering what this means, what it truly means, I have found that what she was telling me was just as it is.

Everything we are searching for is always within us. While some experiences help us get there, it’s always there. For me, I have found this in the love of my practice of mantra, meditation and my recent experience with Kirtan. Mostly any time when I am with other people who are searching with the same intention as I, in that very same moment.

Now when I find my mind wandering back to these questions, I remind myself of this message, and focus on the good and the love that is always seated within me. It’s a daily, moment by moment practice of returning back into myself.

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