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Wanderlust 2017 – The Last Day of Wanderlust!

Last Day of Wanderlust!

Savasana Cocoons

A few hours of rest passed by quickly and we were awoken by the shrill alarms from our phones. After we took a shower we were off to begin our last day of Wanderlust to AiReal Yoga!

We first made a stop at Piknic for some much needed caffeine and substance. We chose an Intro class as we had both never done much AiReal yoga in the past. I have a yoga trapeze at home from the lovely crew at UpCircleSeven, but I usually just do the same few poses over and over. It was SO windy which made it very challenging to use the silks. To top it all off, my arms were so sore from the sweaty intense vinyasa class from yesterday and my knees were extremely tired from the dancing the night before.


We learned a yoga flow sequence which was nice to take back with me to use at home. The wind spun me all around in my savasana cocoon and I remember looking over at everyone in inversion and giggling uncontrollably on how everything appeared to be so right upside down, like it was a natural part of reality. As we were walking to our next class, a treacherous motion sickness settled in and I was regretting all of the cocoon spinning that just happened 10 minutes ago. 


 We were walking to “Today We Live: An Introduction to Holistic Healing” with Chris Grosso and a few of their other teachers. They spoke about how they work with troubled/addicted youth and how they transformed their lives by teaching them Yoga. The class turned out to be a mix of Vinyasa and Qigong with a soothing acoustic guitar in the background. I was so sick to my stomach as we were getting ready to begin, I almost excused myself a million times but I stayed with it.

a treacherous motion sickness settled in and I was regretting all of the cocoon spinning that just happened 10 minutes ago. 

As our practice began I slowly started feeling better, until it was almost all gone. Since this class I have been seeking out Qigong anywhere I can. I loved the fluid movements and how they linked with the breath. I noticed as I was rolling up my mat after class there was sticker above everyone’s mats and mine had said Ahimsa (non-harming). I was so relieved to have been past the worst of my motion sickness I went up to the teacher to say thanks and a big hug. 

Burned Out!

By this point, I was pretty run down and tired. After the intense healing, dancing, changes in weather, I was ready for resting. I was thankful that our next class was a meditation. It was called, “Attitude of Gratitude” with Megan Monahan. I was reaaally tired and it was hard to focus on the inward chanting we were doing. Megan spoke to us about how in order to receive more in your life, you must first give thanks for what you already do have. 

Where’s the couch?

One of my most anticipated classes was also one of the very last events of the entire festival, “Mystic Flow” with Sean Corn. I was way too sore and tired to go. I figured if I did, I would probably just lay in child’s pose the whole time anyway, so we decided to skip it and make a flower crown and then go pack up the tent to check into our cabin for the night.

Cell phones, what are these things! 

After we got checked in and had a quick dinner, I was locked to the comfy warm couch of our cabin. We decided it would be nice to spend the night versus leaving right after Wanderlust was over. We were right! After spending the last few days in a small tent I really adapted to such a small living space and now being in this one bedroom cabin seemed so huge! After posting up a few photos and connecting with some people we had met on social media, we retired for a long, blissful sleep.

(To avoid burnout like I experienced my first time around at Wanderlust, check out my helpful tips here!)


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