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Life Direction: The Inner Knowing

How do we know the path we’re traveling on is the right one to follow?

I think.. the true answer to that question in life is always “I have no freaking clue.” Because truly, how do you know? How can you know?

I started my yoga practice close to a decade ago now. Back then, and for many many years, my yoga practice was mostly a way to lose weight and get back into shape. I appreciate this beginners mind, the starting place, because it gave me something to identify with. Yoga at that time in my life was being talked about mostly as a fitness class, and I wanted to be more fit, so it worked perfectly!

I think I always knew that yoga had a much deeper meaning in my life.

I knew that this practice would transform my life, and for the better for myself and for everyone around me. But, I never could see it then through the lenses I had at the time. I bought a book in those early years of my practice, the Yoga Spandakarika: The Sacred Texts at the Origins of Tantra by Daniel Odier. I couldn’t yet decipher what this beautiful book was teaching me at that time so I put it on my shelf and never returned to it, until now.

Fast forwarding to today, I am beginning my journey into teaching yoga.

My teachers lineage is through Tantra Yoga which is our first discussions in our classes. As we started to discuss Tantra Yoga, which is a whole other post all in itself, and some of the great teachers and translators of these sacred texts, I was brought back to that book that I had purchased so long ago, reawakened into that sense of my own internal knowing. Here I am! Ready to receive the teachings and embrace the words through my new lenses.

So now, it is time to dust off those pages and keep moving forward on the path!



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