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Wanderlust 2017: Challenging Expectations – Day 3

Saluting the Sun.

We woke up early in the morning with the help of our cell phones that we had plugged into our portable battery packs overnight. We didn’t have much service but we both forgot watches so it was our only means of tracking the time. After a quick snack of granola and dried fruit we made our way over to the lake for our first event of Day 2, SUP Yoga!

The sun was shining and it was actually warm! The Beach was only a short walk from the campsite so once we got there we were able to wake up and stretch a little before the class started. We enrolled in a Level 1 class since we both had never done yoga on a paddle board before. It was called, “Experience the Exhale: A Slow, Sensual, Sunrise Flow” with Rhonda Wilson. I was excited for the challenge and also a little relieved that they tethered the boards all together in a circle to prevent drifting away mid class.

The class began with Sun Salutations and I was amazed at how simple poses could be so challenging while balancing on the water! I found it interesting that when someone in the group started to get too much into their heads they would get shaky and when their board began to wobble, everyone in turn would get wobbled. When we all stopped focusing so hard it was way easier. After a while, I noticed I had closed my eyes and was getting into the flow of the class, forgetting all together I was in the middle of a lake. I did head stand a few times which was a lot easier than I expected. Tree pose was the hardest pose of the class for me, it was so hard to balance one side of the board and keep steady.

When we were done with our class one of our group members brought her cell phone in a plastic bag so she could take photos for each of us! After we finished up we were paddled back to the shore. The weather was so nice and sunny, I even felt a little sun burnt! What a difference from the frozen day before.

Self Inquiry.

Cosmic Awareness Meditation” with Tracee Stanley was next up!  We were inside a dimly lit room and were led through a self discovery Yoga Nidra through the cosmos. She walked us through a delicious body scanning and I visualized blue light all around my body. People were all around me were so relaxed that they dozed off and there was little choirs of snoring all around us. She guided us to an inquiry of our true selves and asked us to mediate on three words. These three words would signify our true calling in this life. My words were almost immediate to me, and they were Teacher, Wisdom, and Love. (This mediation has since inspired me to sign up for Yoga Teacher training and really work towards my passions in life.)

Can I eat this St. Johns Wart?

We then made it back outside for our second Wanderlust hike, “Wild Plant Stories” with Erica Marks. We learned about all of the different types of edible plants in the wilderness and even got to sample them! We learned about red clover, nettle, sour leaf clovers, St. Johns wart, buttercups, and more. Ironically, I was so hungry!!! I kept taking little nibbles of the plants here and there and snacking on my dried pineapple slices I had with me.

When we were back at the beginning and the hike was over, I was so distracted with hunger to think about anything else. We stumbled into the restaurant by the camp and had breakfast burritos. As much as I was enjoying every moment of Wanderlust so far, I was starting to get worn out and a little cranky. I was longing to lay in one of the hammocks that were sprinkled along the shore of the beach and soak up the days adventures, but lo and behold we over booked ourselves this day, again, so off we went! (Tips on avoiding Wanderlust Burnout here!)

All Together Now! 

Then we were off to do a Black Light yoga class! “All Together Now: Open Level Vinyasa Practice [Blacklight]” with Lindsay Ashmun. From the description, I was expecting a chill class where we could flow and unwind from the long day.  Instead, what the group received was a high intensity vinyasa, super intense, sweaty class. It was amazing. Even though my energy levels had been low before the class, I quickly tuned into the energy of the flow and started to feel more amped up.

I remember looking around the room and seeing half of the class panting in childs pose, it was so intense. My favorite part was when we did crow pose during our transitions and had fun incorporating standing up with one leg in crow still. It was so much fun. I hadn’t had a nice sweaty yoga practice in my Wanderlust experience so far and I was grateful that my expectations were wrong about this particular class.

Wine and Dine

Now my energy was back up and I was ready to go hang out at the Uncorked event. Jen and I had already met so many friends during these last two days. Even though there are so many people in attendance at Wanderlust, it definitely seemed like we kept running in to the same groups of people over and over. We sampled tons of different types of wine and got a Haiku from The Haiku Guys + Gals. After we had our fill of wine we decided it was time to eat some food. We headed up to the resort for dinner and ran into two familiar faces from our adventures and were invited to join them for pizza and conversation in the sunset of the evening.

I was expecting a chill and connective class where we could flow and unwind from the long day.  Instead, what the group received was a high intensity vinyasa, super intense, sweaty class. It was amazing.

Midnight Hour

One of the best parts about Wanderlust was all of the music everywhere. Bands were set up throughout the day and at night there was full blown concerts set up in all of the buildings. We spent the night dancing to Jamestown Revival and Hackensaw Boys and later on, Sweetmixkids. The part about it that was so refreshing was that everyone was dancing and completely care free. There was no judgement and no one rushing the gates, no one pushing people out of the way to get to the front of the stage. Everyone was just there and having a really great time enjoying the music.

It felt as if we had been there before with the whole group of people, maybe in Ireland, in another life. We then reluctantly left after the music stopped and caught a ride back down to camp with a few of our newfound friends. We then spent the next few hours laughing hysterically and looking up our life path numbers and talking about life. It was way too late now, and we were starting to hear angry gurgles from the tents around us, so we decided to pass out and call it a night.

That night passed way too soon. Before I knew it, it was the morning of the last day at Wanderlust!



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