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Wanderlust Snowsnoe: Essentials

My first Wanderlust Festival was in West Virginia atop Snowshoe Mountain in June of 2017. With so much to do and see, here are a few tips and tricks that I learned along the way!

 These tips will be based off of my interpretation from my experience at Snowshoe, feel free to modify as you see fit for your own experience!


Tip 1: Doing All of the Things

Once you buy your tickets you now get to choose your classes before the big event. For those of you out there who are like me and love all things yoga, nature, and just about everything else under the sun, it can be challenging to set up a schedule that isn’t jam packed but also brings enough to your plate to feel satisfied with your experience.

  • Set your classes with enough space in between for downtime. It can get crazy if you have back to back classes scheduled. You will most likely be doing some deep work connecting with yourself and others. To avoid burnout, give yourself some much needed care to pause and visit the vendors for a meal and drink in the mountain air in-between your classes.
  • Try throwing a mid afternoon music session or sit in on one of the amazing speakers presentations. These are nice to unwind and give your body rest.
  • Classes will fill up quickly!
    • If you’re having trouble deciding what classes to select for the best Wanderlust experience, I suggest a simple intention setting meditation! Grab your favorite crystal, sit down for 5 minutes to start simply watching your breath in and out and relax your body, settle in to the moment. As you’re ready, ask yourself what you envision for your upcoming adventure. See what calls to you! Sit for at least 10 minutes and really craft your story. Write down all of your ideas when you are finished and get back to the schedule and book them up!

Tip 2: Bring Warmer Clothes

In the middle of June, my body was definitely used to the balmy summer of the Midwest. It was quite shocking just how cold 40 degrees felt at night. The cute athletic tanks and leggings I brought were not enough to insulate my body from the whipping winds atop the mountain. Here are some helpful suggestions on what to pack during your Wanderlust stay and what to leave at home.

  • If you are camping, it is essential to bring a lot of sturdy layers, and definitely a decent rain jacket. Waterproof hiking boots with a nice wool sock are a big plus here too, as it can rain at any point and you should expect to have a muddy, rocky experience. Don’t skimp on these if you can, they’re really worth the extra investment.
  • The winds are harsher up at the top of the mountain and causes chilly mornings. Having a warm hat or scarf, gloves and heavy jacket for the mornings will help.
  • A nice empty book bag that you can toss your layers, goodies and water bottle into. One with a slot for your yoga mat is also helpful.
  • Flip flops are nice to keep in your bag to throw on for walking to and from classes as most have you leave your shoes at the door.
  • Keep in mind that it does get warmer as the day goes on if the sun makes it out. You can still bring tanks and shorts, I would keep these on as layers and remove as needed.

Tip 3: Mix It Up!

There are a lot of different styles going on at the festival. If you typically stick to one thing or the other, get out of the box and try something new! Whether it be an interesting speaker, Paddle Board Yoga, or maybe a new style of yoga completely or your first meditation class! With so many different options, who knows who you will connect with and fall in love with next.

Tip 4: Drink Lots of Water

There are lots of water stations throughout the Wanderlust festivities and it’s easy to get distracted and forget to stay hydrated. Drinking water throughout the day will help your body keep up with you. Especially with the types of work you will be doing here, it will help you flush out any impurities.

  • Bringing a large reusable bottle that you can either toss or secure to your bag makes it easy to slug down in between classes.
  • Don’t forget to pack snacks! If you do have a quick turn around class you can woof down a granola bar or fresh/dried fruit en route.

Tip 5: There Are People Everywhere to Support You

If it is your first festival, and especially if you’re unfamiliar with the resort, you may have some anxieties about the trip. Which is completely normal! Know that no matter where you go, there are always people there to support you each step of the way. There are Wanderlust volunteers just about everywhere and they will be your guides for the weekend.

  • If camping, they have a base set up to help you along with the process and will transport you to the campsite with your luggage.
  • Seriously, the people that you find at Wanderlust are the nicest people and willing to help if you need anything, just ask!


Blessings to you on your journey, Namaste!

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