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Wanderlust 2017: The Journey Begins, Day 1

Wanderlust, here we go!

I started the day full of excitement, anticipation, and the curious sensation of something incredible was in the air. It was June 8th, 2017 and today was the day I was travelling to Snowshoe, West Virginia with my Sister, Jen. I was finally on the road for my first Wanderlust Festival! What was waiting for us in those mountains? What treasures were we about to discover in those wondrous forests?

We started our adventure with a hearty breakfast at First Watch and debated over and over about how the trip would go. Our biggest questions were around camping and if we would have help lugging our stuff to the spot. We were also hoping and praying the summer rain and storms that were sprouting up would hold off long enough for us to set up. (I have another post dedicated to Wanderlust Snowshoe: Essentials that will share some experiences from what we learned along the way.)

The car trip was six and a half hours long and we only made a few stops along the way. After a few hours we needed to stretch our legs and eat the PB&J sandwiches Jen packed us. After a few moments of peace in the sun we hurriedly got back to the road.

What was waiting for us in those mountains? What treasures were we about to discover in those wondrous forests?

We knew we were getting close to the mountains when it stopped looking like Southwestern Ohio. Winding roads cut into the mountains, serene pastures full of grass and wildflowers, old structures and buildings that looked like they had been there for centuries and centuries. Thankfully, the rain did hold off for us for the most part. Through the trees, I would get short, quick glimpses of our surroundings, and it would suddenly open up to the ledge of a large drop off, reminding me that I was in fact driving up a mountain range. The local truckers must know this route like the back of their hand, because they would fly around us and speed away like race cars.

We get there and lo’!

Finally there is a gas station just below the mountain. Jen and I had been counting down the miles on the tank and strategizing how we would make it the rest of the way. When I got out to pump the gas, oh my, it’s so cold here! Suddenly I am thinking that it is not summer any longer, and the flip flops and tanks I packed might not have been the smartest choice.



Finally at the top!

We trek it all the way up the mountain and find a random place to park. We were so overcome with worries, “Where should we go!” “What do we do now!” “How do we check in!!” “Crap! Do I have my tickets!!??” After some wandering, we arrived at the Compass where we were greeted with the most delightful host who helped us get all checked in and got instructions for camping. This eased some of our anxieties and we made our way back down the mountain all ready to go.

As we drove back down, and it started raining. With only a few wrong turns we make it to the check in for camping. They had people there ready to help haul our stuff, thankfully! We were prepared with our rain jackets that we preemptively bought the week before. It was so cold and rainy, I remember looking over at Jen and I bet we were both wearing the face of “What did we get ourselves into!”

A festival volunteer helped us load all of our camping supplies and luggage into a truck where we zoomed off to the campsite. He drove us up to the top, but midway we changed our minds and went back down by the treeline. It stopped raining as soon as we started to set up! Hey, this might not be so bad after all.

I bet we were both wearing the face of “What did we get ourselves into!”

After we got our camp set up we headed back to the Campsite Tent to get directions to the lift to get back up so we could eat, we were starving! Let informed up that it had just shut down for the day. Oh! it stops running at a certain time. Good to know. We found out that they had transportation in buses available after hours. After a small wait, we made our ascent back up to the mountaintop for some well deserved pizza. I snagged a spot by the window so I could stare out at the mountains, it was SO gorgeous. After stuffing ourselves with Greek salad and Margarita pizza, we finished our beers and then went back to camp to sleep.

It was sooo cold.

My face and neck were freezing! Jen was cracking me up with her 4 layers of leggings, multiple sweaters, socks and jackets. Eventually, the howling winds and cold air gave way to surrender into the first night before the festival began.


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